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Smart Jump Rope

Our team aims to make workout a seamlessly enjoyable experience. However, traditional jumping rope is far from being seamless or enjoyable. It’s tiring and boring instead as you have to jump while keeping the count. To make this popular exercise as simple as it should be, we created this smart rope that takes all the metrics for you while you are jumping. You can easily access all the data including jump count, calories burned, and duration from SkipJoy app which also pushes you further to unlock more awards and challenge other users.

This jump rope connects to the SkipJoy mobile app (iOS, Android) via Bluetooth to tell you about your cardio exercise.

SkipJoy app keeps track of workout data: jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping

Stay motivated to jump rope by unlocking awards, doing interval trainings, and challenging other Smart Rope users to ever more intense cardio exercises.

The rope itself is completely adjustable; it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 days of daily use.

Jumping rope is a plyometric style full-body workout that is excellent for developing, power, speed and endurance. In a simple 10 minutes rope jumping, an average person could burn about 200 calories, the calories consumption of which is equal to 30 minutes of running at a 5.7 mph pace according to The Research Quarterly, a journal of the American Association for Health.

  • Tones your calves & tightens your core
  • Improves your lung capacity & builds stamina
  • Takes all metrics: calories, count and duration
  • Pushes you to unlock awards and challenge other users
  • Size

    H150 x D26mm

  • Length


  • Weight


  • Connnect

    Bluetooth 4.2

  • LCD display

    19.6 x 8.1mm

  • Battery

    60mAh Rechargeable
    Lithium Battery

  • Input