Review: The Best Portable Power Station
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We have so many devices these days that need to be charged up. Our phones, our laptops, tablets, portable lights, etc. The second you leave your home, that becomes a little more difficult. What if you could take that wall outlet with you?


Aukey has two new portable power stations that promose to be the power to go that you need on that next camping trip, road trip our day at the park. I took them for a test.

Batteries to go!

There are two Aukey Portable Power station models. I tested the AUKEY PowerTitan 300 and the larger AUKEY PowerZeus 500. Both have similar features but with the latter offering more umph! For those of us who grew up in the 90’s it’s the Tim “The Toolman” Taylor version.

Both have a similar design, resembling a square-ish battery with a nice solid handle on the top. The Titan has a handle that is built-in while the larger Zeus has a handle the swivels up. Both feel super solid with zero concern that the handle will fail. This is a battery you’ll be throwing into your car or truck and taking camping so it has to be built tough. It feels tough.

PowerTitan 300

The Titan is the smaller of the two portable batteries but still packs plenty of power for many people. It has a capacity of 288Wh and promises to output 400W. This power pack is great for powering a small blender, a TV and charging devices or laptops. All of the power plugs are on the front of the unit near the display including 2 AC wall plugs with ground, A 12V “cigarette” car plug, 3 USB plugs and 1 USB-C plug. If it plugs in for power, there’s a really good chance the Titan has the right plug for you.

The Titan did a great job powering most reasonable devices including my phone and laptop. When I plugged in a small ceramic space heater it powered it for about 30 seconds before the unit turned off. Not a huge surprise, this heater doesn’t list the watts but I assume it’s pretty high. Just know, there is a limit to how much power the Titan can put out.

PowerZeus 500

The Zeus is the monster of the two. It’s larger and heavier but for very good reason, it has a bigger battery inside! It has a capacity of 518Wh and can output up to 500W. It has nearly double the capacity of the Titan and puts out an extra 100W. The plugs are a bit more spread out with the wall plugs (AC with ground) on the right side and the car plug (cigarette style plug) on the left side. It also has the same number of USB ports and a single USB-C port on the front. It’s essentially the same as the smaller Titan but with more capacity and power.

That same ceramic heater I tested on the Titan, I also tested on the Zeus. Good news is, it handled it just fine. What you should know though is that it sucked down the battery fast. It went from 100% charge to about 82% charge in roughly 10 minutes. Space heaters are power vampires! The Zeus is capable but I wouldn’t recommend using it for a space heater. Meantime when I plugged in my standard Dell laptop for an hour it stayed at 81% charge the entire time. This thing has some seriously capacity under normal use.

Check out the screen

Both portable batteries have a nice status screen on the front. It gives you a quick readout of the current charge level of the battery itself and how much power is being used by the AC and DC ports. The screens are large to give you a quick idea of how the battery is doing from across the room.

Which one should I get?

If you’re thinking of getting an Aukey portable battery but not sure which one to get, it totally depends on how you plan to use it. If you’re a casual user who just wants some power to-go next time you go camping, picnicking, fishing or in case of an emergency, the Titan is a great option. You’ll be able to power your laptop, charge your devices and plug in some lights for a normal day. If you want more, the Zeus is the beast. It’s the battery that will give you power under normal use for an entire weekend in the woods. It’s the battery that will be clutch if the power goes out and you need to plug in those devices for more than just a day. The Zeus may be overkill for some but it’s the giant battery that will just keep going.


There are a ton of portable battery options out there. Plenty of budget options and plenty of high-end options that cost upwards of $1,000. I think the Aukey falls right in the middle. At $270 for the PowerTitan and $460 for the PowerZeus I think it’s a great balance of quality and affordability. In my testing neither were designed to power super high-drain devices but performed great when powering phones, tablets and laptops.

Both are a great option for anyone looking for a power station on that next trip or during that next emergency.

You can buy the PowerTitan and PowerZeus online on now.


Powertitan 300Powerzeus 500

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